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Reflections on Lake Abert

Lake Abert Oregon reflection on the water.
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Lake Abert Oregon photo showing various layers in its water landscape.

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Not a soul in sight.
Or wasn't there?

The best part about road travel is to be driving along the highway and realizing that there's not a soul on the road other than yourself, and that there's not a soul along the roadside either, except the native foliage and rock formations.

Foliage along Lake Abert

The charm of nature's
greens and yellows.

Rock along Lake Abert.

The charm of nature's

There's definitely a sense of contentment to this type of experience -- a sense of peace and knowingness that all is as it is in its world. Life is being nothing more and nothing less than what it's designed to be -- living life with no pretense..

But, I dare say, there's also a sense of intrigue in this type of environment too. For even though its visual details appear mundane on the surface, deep down you know that there's an element that your senses can't quite pick up on or haven't picked up on yet.

The lake
was just waiting for us
to take our turn.

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U.S. Route 395 along the east shore of Lake Abert.

Then you drive around a bend on the road and that element reveals itself. First it unfolds as the element of surprise. Then, the element of beauty is in full display.

The lake's
sole and possibly soul purpose
was to reflect its beauty.

The water was so still that morning that no matter where we placed our point of view, a reflection was there for us to delight in. The wonderful thing about mirror images captured with a camera, is that you end up with perfect abstractions. It's not only with the medium of paint that one gets to explore surreal works of art.

Lake Abert landscape

Landscape No. 005

Lake Abert landscape.

Landscape No. 030

So you can see why these two examples became the jounal covers at the top. What better visuals could there be for representing that it's time to sit down, reflect, and then write about those refections. If no insights come to your mind, then go ahead and reflect on Lake Abert as well. Who knows, you could see a whole new reflection on it unfold before your very eyes too.

That's all for now.

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