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What Speaks to a Writer

Fun quote about journals.
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It's a lonely business being a writer.

It’s a lonely business being a writer. No one to talk to. Endless hours of sitting at a desk glued to the work… WHAT! Did I just say that? Glued to the work! Hmm, looks like this is getting a little sticky, which is weird because it feels more like my mind is becoming unglued. Hahahaha… Don’t worry. I’m just doing what I absolutely love to do, which is play with words and concepts.

The following sayings are some of those playful expressions that I came up with when I allowed myself to imagine what my pens, erasers, grammatical periods, and rulers, would say to me if they could. And for a little extra fun, I imagined what a writer might say about their journals and pens.,

Please know that as I got into this project, I really did begin to wonder whether these stationery tools didn’t know more than I did about what they were made of and shouldn’t be allowed to speak more often. ;-)

Fun quote about pens.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you have been moved to tears or laughter or grrrrrr or an impartation of wisdom and you just have to let it all out? Well, it looks like, figuratively speaking, pens feel the same way. And let’s not forget that when we literally move a pen, it will happily let it’s contained ink all out too...

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oOPs, sometimes it lets out too much…Oh well, every journal’s page needs a blot of colour.

PEN - Quote 02

Fun quote about pens.

No matter how you look at it, whether we’re holding back our love because of fear, or our pens are holding back because of clogged ink, all in all, life just isn’t flowing the way it needs to flow. So what a great lesson for all of us - LEARN TO LET IT GO.

Fun quote about erasers.

No doubt in my mind that not everything we’ve ever done should have remained in the state of being done. In fact, in some cases it should have been ‘undone’ real quick. If only we had had our little hero, the eraser come in and save the day by applying its philosophy of, “Less is More!” Does this only apply to writing? Heck no. I’ll bet every area of our lives could use a little undoing before it becomes our undoing. ;-)

Fun quote about grammar.

“You complete me!” What a line. Sounds like it’s right out of a romance movie doesn’t it? Well, in a way it is romantic - a real love story between a sentence and a period. You know how it goes. A sentence was just aimlessly wandering on and on and on and on, feeling incomplete, alone, and lost in her own story with no end in sight. And then out of the empty space that lay ahead of her appeared her prince Period. Or is that Prince. Period.

Now, I don’t know for sure if anything else happened after that, but I do know one thing for sure at that point - it was the end.

Fun quote about measuring rulers.

Don’t you just love measuring rulers? For one thing, they never embellish the numbers. They just give it to us straight! Guess they understand how ample the truth is. Hmm, I wonder if we can say that about others rulers and the lines they’ve given us?

RULER - Quote 02

Fun quote about measuring rulers.

Do you think a ruler lives a dangerous life by being on the edge all the time? Or, do you believe what I do, that it has the confidence in knowing how instrumental it is and just goes the distance without ever being afraid of losing its edge? Gee, I wish I had that kinda certainty in knowing my purpose.

Ruler - Quote 03

Fun quote about measuring rulers.

Even though a ruler only comes across as only going up against something all the time, in the end, it always proves that it was really only more than happy to measure up in complete unison with its equal.

Quote about writers and their journals.

It could seem like there is some bragging going on here, but seriously, if writers didn’t take on the joy of writing words down on the empty pages of their little journal, wouldn’t a journal just be sitting there in total silence with a blank look as its expression?

WRITER - Quote 02

Quote about writer, their pens, and journals.

Like the pen above, it looks like this pen can’t keep anything to itself either once it’s juices start flowing. So if you have something important to say, I’d definitely stick to telling it to something more trustworthy - like a journal. They love to keep whatever you tell them to themselves and if they are ever forced to share with another what you’ve said to them, they always present it word-for-word.

That's all for now.

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