• Cat eyes closeup

Sitting on a Stare

Cat journal cover in black and white.

those cat eyes are amazing!

Today I met a very interesting character elegantly perched on the top stair of a stairway. I made every attempt to spark a friendly conversation, but all I got was a pair of eyes staring back — not a blink, not a meow, not a purr for sure. “That’s okay,” I said, “Sometimes I’m not in the mood for idle chit chat either.” As I stood contemplating what type of cat it was, I felt inspired to ask, “Would you mind if I take your photo?” And after hearing or seeing no objections, I beheld its gorgeous image in my camera lens and clicked the shutter release button. In the end, it looks like using a camera was the only way this cat was going to ‘click’ with me.

Steps taken to the top.

Cat sitting on a stair is the photo for a journal cover.


Black and white picture of a cat sitting on a stairway.


A. The colours were amazing, however it was all my eyes seemed to focus on and that wasn’t to be the main focus.
B. So, I eliminated the colour by making it a black and white.
(Top of page) The journal cover demonstrates the final crop emphasizing the cat staring and the top stair.
(Very top of page) The banner convey’s the craquelure filter I added in order to even out the texture. Sometimes our subjects are perfect, but the surrounding surfaces aren’t…well…they need help with their appearance.

A title was staring me in the face.

Giving this image a title was easy. You could say it was ‘sitting there’ from the beginning. I love how obvious the play with words — stare and stair — were. I do believe, if what I do is meant to be what I do, it does seem to easily fall into place. And kitty, if you had anything to do with it being so purrr-fectly orchestrated — thanks.

That's all for now.

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