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My Heart Beats For Now

Journal cover with a red heart and quote.

This writing entry beats to its own pulse.

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Is this really the sound of our heartbeats:
I don’t know, I think mine sounds more like:
Why? Well, my brain just seems to live for the past or the future. It can’t seem to function until it takes its time to think about its life first. Whereas, my heart could care less about conjuring up past memories or future speculations before making a decision on how to live. It just knows it has a new pulse right now, and that’s more than enough for getting along in life. So, without skipping a beat, I will now offer some of my heartfelt sayings in this rhythm: 1st beat, 2nd beat, 3rd beat, and 4th beat...

Quote about heartbeats and a red heart.

This was the very first inspiration that came to me. I don’t remember exactly what sparked it, but I do vaguely recall a carefree moment where I said, “Maybe if I was God; The Prime Creator; The Life Principle or whichever name you feel the source of you goes by, maybe I could create that in a heartbeat!” [finger snap] Then having it dawn on me that maybe All That Is ‘did’ create my heart and its first beat in the space of a finger snap, I took note of this insight, literally and figuratively, thereby conceiving the above artwork, you could say, in a heartbeat.

Quote about heartbeats and a red heart.

I think my heart’s in the right place as well. I mean, where else could it possibly be positioned in the body – the foot?! Let’s just imagine for a moment if the heart was positioned in one of our big toes and how all the other toes would have to reassure it while walking down the street, “So you skip a beat now and then leaving your rhythm out-of-sync with the rest of us. Don’t worry about. Murmur has it, you’ve still got good intentions!”

Play on words about hearts.

For eons now, humanity has wondered whether there’s a God; a Creator. I personally don’t wonder whether there’s an Ultimate Designer, all I wonder about is how All That Is keeps ALL Its designs organized! Can you imagine the memory it would take to keep track of it all! Now that’s one big database. However, unlike the concept of our current database systems, I’d like to believe that I’m not just one item in an endless list of inventory, but that through the awareness of omniscience, the One knows me personally as the one – by heart.

Quote about love with a red heart.

I’m going to see if I can say this as wholeheartedly as I can: Love loves me, Love loves you, and Love loves All That It is as It Is – Love.

That's all for now.

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