• Abstract represention of a bunch of logs.

Log Covers Speed

Log journal in brown.
A log journal in brown colours.

How fast can I log in
to my logbook?

FAST! I just flip open the cover and I’m automatically logged in. No lag time here like on a computer. Of course, it helps to have a journal with the word LOG on its cover — in a sense, it kind of automatically logs the speed.

Interesting choice of words ––
'logs the speed'.

If my nautical memory serves me correctly, I believe that’s how the first log books came about. Didn’t they log speed measurements into a ship’s log to record how long it would take their ship to move away from a real wooden log that had been tossed over the side? I’ll have to go review that online tomorrow…

But, for now,
so that I can go and sleep like a log,
I need to stop writing.

Hmm, I wonder how long it takes to log off?
Oh, flip…

That's all for now.

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