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Flying Is Just Plane Fun

Airplane with a saying about flying being plane fun as a journal cover.

It felt like my flight
had been grounded.

It was one of those days when my mood felt heavy and seemed to be weighing on me. Why? Who knows. And it would be pointless to go searching for a reason to blame it on because research can often be just that: a re-searching. Before you know it, your head is spinning from the search for blame, that you’re now in a tailspin and spiralling downward some more. I didn’t need that, as I was feeling I had gone as low as I was willing to go.

I needed a whee lift.

Now, with blame’s motto being, “Something is wrong here, and it could be better,” and I wasn’t willing to take that route, then I would need to go in an opposite direction of that, I would need to swing over to, “Something is right here, and it is just fine as is.” Let’s see — what’s right here that I’m having trouble seeing clearly?

When I looked past the clouds,
I saw something in the clearing.

First thing’s first: I needed to clear my mind of those cloudy thoughts about my mood. No problem. I remained at my desk and closed my eyes. After a few moments, I opened them to a clear head and a peaceful state of being. Now, I was able to resume my previous activity of looking for art to work on. It didn’t take long to come across something that brought a smile to my face. There on the computer screen was one of my poster designs called,

Flying? “Gosh, I love flying,” I said to myself. And then I realized, as I frantically reached for a piece of paper to write down the realization I had just saw:

'Flying is just plain fun,'
"Wait –– did I spell that right? Noooo."
'Flying is just plain plane fun.'

Hahaha, there it was. And all because I was willing to change my mind’s flight path from one that could have had me tossing and turning in the turbulence of a bad mood, and onto an alternative altitude. Hmm? Is that spelt ‘altitude’ or ‘attitude’? Either way, my spirit is up and I am now flying on plane fun.

This took me to a
whole other level of
artistic fun.

One of my favourite things to do as an artist is to create vector art, so I couldn’t wait to draw an airplane design. Vectors can be a tad challenging, however they the effort is worth it because once they’re done, you can use them in a myriad of designs and motif patterns. The following, that I’m logging in this journal, are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the artwork I ended up having fun creating.

Stacks Image 1699

Propelled in Green

Stacks Image 1707


Stacks Image 1711


A. I replicated my airplane motif and them into this pattern. B. This pattern came out of playing with pattern A. Then as the design came together, it became apparent to me that you could see propellers within the design as well. This is one of the reasons I titled the series Propelled in Green. The other reason is that this choice of words reveals a play on words. ;-)


Stacks Image 1742


Stacks Image 1744


A. Plane motif outlined in blue
B. Plane motif outlined in red.

Lifting Skyward

Stacks Image 1763


Stacks Image 1765


A. Plane motif only using a plane.
B. Plane motif only using a plane in white. I designed it to look like an instrument in a cockpit.

Flying Quarter Turn

Stacks Image 1784


Stacks Image 1786


A. Plane motif only using a plane.
B. Plane motif only using a plane. This pattern came out of playing with pattern A. Because the plane is turned at every quarter to come up with the original design, I couldn’t help but title this art series what I did. As you can see, I like putting my spin on things.

That's all for now.

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