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City Construction

Be prepared to stop!

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Art is constructive
for building abstract perspectives.

The word construction doesn't just pertain to the building of structures, it also refers to the creating of abstract entities as well. So it would be fun to fabricate a mini composition on how these two concepts could be built-up into a...

However, due to scheduling issues, this journal entry regarding its abstract concepts has now been delayed.

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Feel free to take a detour to another site, or if you wish to remain on this page to check out the following art, for your own safety, please wear a hard hat.

This city block
is multidimensional.

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The fun part about this piece came after its completion and I was at the naming phase. When standing back and reflecting on it, I could sense its multilayered construction in relation to a city block. What came to mind was:

• 1st impression was as if looking at a street view level:
top: yellow = sun. Next layer: green = trees. Next layer: orange = brick buildings. And final layer: red = the heart of the underground runnings of things like water pipes, for electrical cabling, etc.

• 2nd impression was as if from a bird's eye view:
yellow = a sea of yellow cabs; green = a lush park; orange = cobblestone roadways or pea gravel on flat rooftops; red = industrial area.

Irregardless of what one sees in it even if it's only seeing its vibrant colours, art comes forth to be enjoyed, and on this page, to be civil about it too. ;-)

That's all for now.

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