• A pattern made with smiles.

Burst Out Smiling

Photograph of a tank and a smile on an inspirational journal cover.

I had to smile before I burst.

Today was so fun. I went for a long walk in a park. I saw the usual: people strolling by themselves, people strolling hand-in-hand with a loved one (my situation), people strolling with their dogs, people strolling on bikes…and each offering a smile in return for our’s — you know, the usual greeting people exchange when they’re strangers, but actually aren’t stranger because it isn’t ‘strange’ at all to be walking in such a beautiful place with like minded souls. So, like I said, nothing out of the ordinary.

However, what was out of the ordinary, and dare I say extraordinary, was to receive a smile from a ‘storage tank’ just peeking through the bush and across the roadway from the trail I was walking on.


My photo that inspired the story

Now, I don’t support the idea of graffiti, but I also don’t support the idea of judging others if I don’t absolutely know for certain, which I don’t, of the circumstances that would motivated someone to take a felt pen and draw a smile. Because, who knows, it could have been the property owner, or an employee servicing the container and it’s valves so that it wouldn’t burst it’s liquid contents everywhere. But whoever it was, their happiness just couldn’t be contained and they had to express it. Gee, if that was the case, my wonderment might even burst forth and wonder if the little tank itself was so happy to be serviced, that it still couldn’t contain itself, and burst out smiling instead ;-)

So, how did I respond? Well, like I said at the beginning, I smiled in kind back at this little holding container. Why? Because it isn’t strange at all to be taking a stroll in a beautiful place and greet a stranger, no matter how strange they seem to look, and burst out smiling.

That's all for now.

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