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Like Night and Day

Gratitude journal cover designed to look like the night sky with white stars.
A yellow sun.
Gratitude journal cover designed to look like day with blue background and yellow suns.

What would be the point
in having two...

… different gratitude journals for writing daily notes in? Well, I guess the difference would be like night and day.

A nighttime journal was born...

Firstly, I usually find it much easier to write about my experiences at the end of the day just before retiring to bed, therefore, a thankfulness log that corresponded with the night seemed to make sense. Secondly, since it would now be associated with the darkest time of day, the most obvious choice for a cover colour would be black. Perfect for a night sky. Thirdly, I have a real soft spot for any artwork that’s black and white. I just love the clean look it presents. Its simplicity can look chic and classic on any bedroom’s nightstand. So now it stood to reason, that a deep, rich black sky could use some white stars for contrast. Fourthly, as the design had begun to unfold, I realized that the cover design could actually serve as an alternate purpose other than just for identifying the time of day with artistic appeal; it could actually work as a reminder. Let’s say you’ve had a bummer of a day – a ‘dark’ day as it were. You know, those days where there just doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of an emotional tunnel and our universe seems to be collapsing into a sense of nothingness. Well, maybe this journal’s cover, could appear to represent, that no matter how dark it got during our day, there would still be a little twinkle of light at the end of it. Sure the light might not be as big and brilliant as the daylight we call our sun, as in, it may only appear as an itty-bitty star four light years off, but none-the-less, it would still be a a glint of light proving that complete desolation was impossible. And if we were willing, maybe we could turn to an empty page in the journal and write out one little word, “Thanks.”For what, you may not know, but still, “Thanks.” Who knows, maybe with the energy of allowing that intent, our imaginations could just get spurred into believing that that one little word was just the very seed of appreciation; the very seed of hope; the very star needed to enlighten a dark sky. Who knows, it may even be the one that we could make a wish on. And finally, I realized, that this night journal could also be used in the morning to record any gratitude after a night that we’d just lived through. For example, “I’m so thankful that I awoke from that nightmare at three in the morning,” “I’m so grateful that I was warm and safe during my forty winks,” “I’m so grateful that I slept through all the snoring.” Hahaha… Anyhow, you get the idea.

A daytime journal was born...

Now this day journal came into creation much later. One day I felt inspired to create another cover. As I was glancing through some of my earlier cover designs, to see if I could expand my gratitude collection, I came upon the above night journal. Suddenly a bright light flashed, “I could substitute each star with a sun. After all, a sun could be a star, and, vis-a-versa.” Now, I realize that our day-light doesn’t give us much opportunity to see any other suns beyond the one that we’ve got, but hey, that’s one thing I’m really grateful for; the freedom to envision beyond the norm; the freedom to be creative! And believe me, I truly have great gratitude for that, because without it I’m sure life would just be plain gloomy - an endless experience of darkness without any hope for illumination at all. Thank goodness I’m not living that nightmare! Perhaps it’s because I kept my sky full of shining stars by writing in my night-time journal…

Anyhow, the different ways in which we perceive our world can be like night and day, but all in all I’ve found it’s usually been gratitude that has brilliantly lit my way.

That's all for now.

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