Writing pen scripting out a red heart.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Gratitude journal cover designed with deep purple background and black swirls.

“Being grateful
is not always an easy state to be in!”

Oh sure, we can talk the talk about the importance of being thankful, but to walk it can be a whole other story. For example, if we start our morning off on the wrong foot, it seems the whole day is just plain out of alignment. However for me, there's always a solution and that solution is when I put my woes on paper. All I have to do is give myself permission to create a list of these so called troubles. Before I know it, usually by item number three, my troubled mind has run out of…well…trouble. So, how could I not be grateful at this point for having a tool to prove that all is well and that it was only my attitude.

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