Gratitude Journals

Gratitude journal on orange background with swirls.

Thank you!

There are so many reasons why writing in a gratitude journal can be rewarding. If you believe in the idea that we live in a vibrational reality, then you’ll also resonate with the idea that different vibrations produce different outcomes. Take music as an example. Certain sound waves produce certain frequencies, certain tones, certain tunes, certain songs. So, based on that, I feel that if I’m writing at the frequency of ‘gratitude’, then my ‘song’ will be filled with the energy of gratitude too. And what does the energy of gratitude produce as an outcome? Well, it can vary. Sometimes it’s the tone of peace for a good night’s sleep, or sometimes it’s a tone of joy for an enjoyable day. But all in all, and thankfully, my writings don’t have to move me towards an end result each time because I’ve noticed that the process of making even a single note of thankfulness can give me a pure moment of well-being-ness. And that, in and of itself, is something to be grateful for.

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