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Slice of Orange

Abstract slice of orange fruit on orange background.

This slice of orange
has a peel. ;-)

One sunny day in 2005, I decided to take a break and enjoy a fruit snack out on my balcony. Normally, I preferred apples, however, on this day an orange seemed particularly appealing. Little did I know just how appealing orange would be to my sense of sight too.

No matter how you slice it
this fruit looked worth savouring.

As you can see, I decided to slice the orange into horizontal sections instead of peeling it. And as I turned my thinking mind off for a moment of quiet so that I could eat my way through a dish of sweetness in total peace, I started to look at the patterns in these little circles of fruit with a little more appreciation. Before I knew it, I was taking photos. Guess you could say I wanted to savour them.

Picture of two orange fruit slices.
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Time to go over
the edge.

Then, one day I came across the photos and asked myself why I was keeping them. Guess the moment had gone, as I couldn’t remember what had inspired me to take them or now keep them other than the fact they were a picture of some ‘orange’. However, before I pushed delete, I felt inspired to explore the effects feature in my photo editing software. Now, this is not usually an area that I go into unless to enhance a photo, and I had not desire to save this image let alone enhance it, BUT, why not free the reins to my impulse and see what kind of effect it will have.

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Edges have
Cutout Effect applied to them.

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Edges have
Glowing Edge Effect applied to them.

In effect,
effects started to have an effect.

Once I explored the endless possibilities of the various effects, and chose a couple of them, it was only more fun to see how they could be layered and merged and resized into unique patterns.

Orange sections for abstract art.
Orange sections for abstract art.
Orange sections for abstract art.

I have so many results, but I’m only going to offer this grouping because I feel that they not only tell the story from beginning to end, as in the last one winds up on the journal cover that’s at the top of this page, but they also support my next statement perfectly:

An orange is more than orange.

That's all for now.

Photograph: Image of a magnolia bloom on a magnolia tree

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