Writing pen with red hearts.

Friday, October 22, 2021

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Today I scanned
for leaves.

Is there anything better than going for a walk during the autumn season and acknowledging the fallen tree leaves? Oh the colours are so striking and bold, not to mention how distinctive each shape and form is. It’s interesting how much credence is given to the special individuality that snowflakes have, but rarely do we include leaves in that same category. Is the snow beautiful? Yes. But if I scan each leaf, with an open heart and close inspect, even the ones torn and in rough shape, I can still see them equally worthy of a unique recognition.

Don’t draw to a conclusion
about the look of something —
draw out its quintessence instead.

Here’s are some visuals showing the various stages I went through to get to the final design on the journal cover. I did a number of leaves, however I decided to pick one that would normally have just been mulched, instead of turned into art.
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1st fallen leaf I found
and scanned.

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Drew a vector outline.
Need to make adjustments for the missing top.

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Final outline.

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Drew some
middle sections.

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Put these sections against black to test sizing.

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Leaf is revived. Sections in two-tones of green.

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yellow and orange.

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magenta and maroon.

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lavender and purple.

Leave it to nature,
or is that,
leaf it to nature
to offer endless potentials.

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2nd fallen leaf

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3rd fallen leaf

Oh no, the wind is
howling, blowing, and scattering
leaves everywhere.
So much for raking…

Montage of leaves blow for a journal story.

All the leaf examples
blowing in the wind together…

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