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My Garden Rose On Paper

Journal cover with red rose design.
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What rose out of my imagination.

I sure wish I could have a rose garden this summer. Unfortunately, the only way that that would be possible is if I planted it in my secret garden — my imagination. But, with that said, I wonder what would happen if I took that idea and made it visible? What could bridge this imaginary world with the visible world? I know the answer: an imaginary rose seed could be planted on a piece of paper instead of in dirt. And to make my point, I’m going to do it right on the dot.

Black dot representing a seed for a rose story.

planted on paper.

Sprout for a rose story.


Red rose bloom.


If I reflect on it,
perhaps a reflection
will appear...

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What an beautiful unfolding. Now, I wonder just how many beautiful potentials this symmetrical image could flourish as on a paper garden? Well, since I design journal covers, why not start there? Perfect. Now, I know the garden’s size and shape: 12.7cm x 20.32cm, which is, 5 inches x 8 inches.

There would even be a little spiral fence on the left to keep a dinosaur out should the little flower patch be on his path.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m making it up? Just CLICK here to see.

Illustration of a Dinosaur Abelisaur.
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Red roses in a linear pattern on a writing journal cover.

I could plant the roses in
perfectly even rows and see if
they grow shoulder to shoulder?

Red roses in a random pattern on notebook cover.

I could plant them in rows,
and if the wind turns up
they in turn would turn out accordingly.

Red roses in a pattern on a journal cover.

I could plant them in a pattern
giving the impression of
what raindrops falling from the sky and
landing on the ground would look like.

Now to really go all out,
or inward,
and get kaleidoscopic...

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Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to go sit and see if I can’t imagine some other colours besides red. Perhaps some pink and yellow. oOooh yellow. It would be fun to have some daisies too…

That's all for now.

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