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Liquified Nature

Liquified Petunia journal cover

No longer solid
on the nature of change.

Today when I picked up a flower petal that had fallen, I wondered whether the flower that it had fallen from knew that its appearance was in a constant state of change. Then I pondered on what that thought that had come to me meant. The vision I got was water on a pond moving and shifting with the wind — rippling here, rippling there. I laughed when I imagined this concept being, Liquified Nature. Then I was amazed when my mind connected it to the state of change that occurs with us over time. Interesting. If it was so that my appearance was just shifting freely like water with an invisible nature like wind. Then why does humanity stand so solid on the concept that our body’s outward changes are a negative stage of decline called aging, especially since a wrinkle is nothing more than a ripple. Hmm…? In the end, all I concluded was that my mind needed to keep lots of fluidity on understanding the nature of nature.

More ripples
on this pond-ering.

The following is an artistic series of mine where I blew, like the wind, onto some of my floral photographs and caused a ripple effect. Just kidding. But seriously, it was very fascinating to use a liquified effect on a flower’s ‘normal’ appearance and watch a different kind of beauty bloom before my eyes, especially with the petunia.

Petunia flower

Petunia flower.

Liquified Petunia

Same petunia liquified.

Pink rose photograph.

Rose flower.

Liquified pink rose photograph.

Same rose liquified.

Closeup of a pink tulip flower.

Do you recognize it?
Tulip flower.

Liquified pink tulip flower.

Same tulip liquified.

Periwinkle flower photograph.

Periwinkles in
various shades of pink.

Liquified periwinkle.

Same periwinkles liquified.
Their flat five petals worked
into perfection.

That's all for now.

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