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Gerber Daisy is Calling

Gerber daisy flower in black and white photography on a botanical journal cover.

Loves me, loves me not.

What an odd game to play where one takes a beautiful Gerber daisy flower and proceeds to pluck it's innocent petals just to confirm mutual affection. It doesn't feel like an 'act of love' to me. And why daisies? Why not use a dandelion that comes by the thousands and no one cares about? Well, my story will tell you that it truly is a daisy that can confirm a love connection.

This story is as simple as a flower itself.

Basically, I was working on one of my other botanical pictures one morning and things just weren't going easy and effortless for me. You know the kind of days I am referring to—you zig and it doesn't seem right, then you zag and it seems worse.

Now, I've lived with my intuitive inner voice long enough to know just how accurate it can be, however, I wasn't even in sync with it that morning because I continuously ignored it's advice to take a break. Finally, after a couple of hours of being ignored it shouted, "Please, for the good of all, especially your nerves, GO FOR A WALK!" That was it, I grabbed my coat and set off for Lord knows where. I had no idea where I was going, but I could sense that I was getting warmer each new turn I took. But, warm to what? I remained clueless.

It was then that I decided to turn what seemed an aimless journey into one with purpose, so I headed for my favourite grocery store. It was there that my intuition really showed how it covers my back. Good thing, as my logical brain didn't seem to be running at peak performance that day. What do I mean? Well, as I entered the building, I saw a pure white gerber daisy flower sitting there all picture perfect, no pun intended, and I walked right past it. Now, if you know anything about me, you would know that I am someone who stops and smell the flowers, so clearly I was off that day, in every way.

I selected a few edible items, headed for the checkout stand as my eyes glanced back to the front entrance where the gerber daisy flowers were sorted in red, pink, orange, and white, in this case, one in particular solitary white bloom. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I even said things to myself like, "Wouldn't that flower make the perfect daisy print for my collection. People love daisy art," and yet I still remained in line. It wasn't until the girl, was scanning the second last item, that I believe the miraculous connection took place. Things seemed to stop and I had the most incredible feeling that I had to get that gerber daisy. "Please hold on a minute, I believe I forgot something!" I blurted as I headed out into the sunlight and gently retrieved the flower. I returned to my place, where others weren't feeling the same revelation, and I declared, "I think this flower wants to come home with me!"

As I walked home, holding this precious item, I couldn't help but ponder that old french game that I referred to at the beginning of this story and I felt sure that they got it wrong.

Close-up image of the white petals of a Gerber Daisy flower.

These petals
are just too lovely
to pluck off.

Photograph of a diasy flower petals

So delicate, that they
could be mistaken for
the tips of an angel wing.

They didn't mean for you to remove the petals. They meant for you to count the blessings each petal has to offer because when I did that with this flower, I ended up with a different saying that sounded more like this,

"I started my day,
I zig zagged alot,
I finaly came to love
a little gerber daisy alot!"

And that's the story how this bloom reminded me to listen to my inner voice more often, as it will take you places that will be good for you in the end. In fact, very good, as this gerber daisy has been a very successful piece of artwork for me indeed. Maybe it will bring you luck too. Just listen to your intuitive voice, and hear if it is reminding you to take home a flower...

That's all for now.

Photograph: Image of a white Gerbera daisy against a black backdrop.

Note regarding this daisy:All the images on this page are of the same flower just photographically captured from different perspectives.

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