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Who Am !?

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Who am I?

A very interesting question to ask oneself indeed. Well, let me try and help you figure out this question, “Who am I?’ that is on your mind at the moment. First let’s start with a few clues I have about you:
- You have a curiosity about websites dedicated to the subject of writing in journals. - You are currently exploring a page titled ‘Who Am I?
Hmm, so you could be…
OH, wait a minute!! You thought “Who Am I?” was referring to me. Well, you were right to think it was supposed to be about me. I just thought I'd have a little fun, which would be a clue about me. I really have fun seeing concepts differently, especially when it involves playing with words.

A bit of history.

So, without going into it too much, I’ll give you some relevant tidbits. Basically, I’m someone who has spent a lot of time and effort selling my artwork (illustrations, black and white photography, abstract e-paintings and graphic designs) through major online art galleries. And during that time, I had a private website where I wrote about my art. The intent with that was so that the buyers could feel a deeper connection with the art and with myself, the individual who had created the work. However, as time rolled well past a decade, I started to notice my heart just wasn’t in it like it had been in the early days.

Dear Journal.

Towards the end of that phase, I pondered a lot on what was wrong. I concluded that it wasn’t right to have to motivate myself; push myself to do it, instead of feeling inspired to do it. So, I did what any journaler would do, I journaled about my dilemma. “Dear Journal, what should I do?” But, no answer came.

Now, aren’t journals clever. They draw you in and all you end up doing is writing, writing, writing… to only come to a conclusion like, “All I’m doing is writing.” But, for me, that ended up being the best answer I said to myself, “I love to journal. I will change things up, by changing things around. I will change my focus, from writing to support my art, to having my art support my writings. Maybe with a slogan like: The Art for Writing.”

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Reviving our hearts through writing.

However, as I realized this would help my heart beat to a new beat, I still couldn’t fully see where some heart, some inspiration was in it for others. So I continued to reflect.

Little red heart that is pulsing on the page.

The heart of
I Love That Journal
had a pulse

The answer came while I was re-exploring a print project of mine titled, ‘I Love That’. As it happens, this was a poem that just happened to be born on the pages of a journal. Are you seeing where I’m going with this?
- I would take my website, Lausen Arts, and transform it into a new website called, “I Love That Journal’.<?br> - I would add a header above the text called, ‘Dear Journal’ so that it appeared as if I was writing in a journal.
- I would fill it with my art, my stories about the art and some of my insights about life. THEN maybe, just maybe, this site could act as an example and an encouragement for someone, perhaps you, to do the same — write about what they love too.I mean if I can let total strangers peek into my journals and see that there’s another way of perceiving of life using art or the playing of words, then maybe the possibilities are there for them, you, to feel inspired and start doing the same in a new journal or one that has been collecting dust on a bed stand. AND then, with this new enthusiasm for journalling, there could just be the possibility that they, or you — we — would be able to respond differently to that question we started out with when asked, “Who am I?”

“I still don’t know how to answer that, based on the above premise, but there are clues on each of the pages, and there is one important clue: I LOVE THAT, and that and that…

Technically, who I am is:

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