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November 29, 2021

If you have journeyed across the internet and landed on this page, you must not only have an appreciation for journal cover designs, but you also must be currious to see how other diarists, like myself, embark on our writing adventrues.

Here's a good place for you to start exploring.
It's an entry where I discovered a whole new process for appreciating life...

Stacks Image 1997

that new process
turned into the following two books.

And that then,
lead me to transforming my website.
Below is the site's first journal entry...


Is this the 'write' way
to introduce my art for appreciating life?

Who knows, however, I am going to go for it and hopefully get ‘write’ to the point… Okay, okay I know by now you’re either groaning because of an overuse of the word ‘write’ instead of ‘right’, or you’re seeing the fun in it and are intrigued to see if there are other ways I’ve imagined playing with words. Great! But first before you flip over to that page, why don’t I answer some other questions you might have about who I am. Like for instance:
• What plays a tune in my heart besides botanical and travel photography?
• What excites me more than the precise beauty of typography?
• What truly gives me inspiration?
The answers to all these questions are the same — nothing rings my bell more than the above subjects. Well, except maybe gratitude. Now that’s a concept I really love to dive into. Here’s an example, “I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to present my insights and artwork in a manner that could possibly inspire or encourage another person, even if it’s only you, to take up the pen and start writing too.”

Have fun exploring, and don’t forget to write. ;-)

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